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Our Main Features

Secure Payment
Secure Payment

Carte Bleue, Visa or Mastercard) or via your PayPal account. Payments by bank transfer or any transfer money possible online.

Easily Customizable
Easily Customizable

You can create your own list theme, you can also change groups from and let it to be on the top list or last, remove or add groups easily.

Powerful App Concept
Powerful App Concept

Strong service, and native app, for no problems, Supporting free DNS change system

MegaOTT App
Powerful Features

Great server without problems customers, with great team guys working each day to let it better, with defiant quality SD, HD, FHD, and more.

Fully Secured

The server is fully secured and there is no possibility of problems. Even with the update of the system, it does not take more than 5 minutes for the garbage

TV friendly

TV-friendly IPTV App, You can generate File, M3U LINK, Xtream API codes, MAG Portal & more

MegaOTT IPTV service

Fantastic iptv server MegaOTT IPTV the best server for 2021 and up clear channels everything you need, More than 15 000 channel, with top quality existing on the market, all the channels you need including movies, sports, kids, documentaries, music, history and even a video-on-demand service with all the latest movies and lots of the classics as well

How it works
MegaOTT, Personal
  • High quality, FULL HD
  • Different quality, SD, HD, QHD.
  • EPG supported
  • Free, good App
  • Free Strong support
  • Compatible with all devices
  • 1 Year, 365 DAY
  • 1 connection
MegaOTT, Family
  • All personal plan options
  • 3 connactions


The most features to deal with us is not just cheap price, but to get stable server 99.99% with strong support working only with customers like you.

Custom Plan

Great support team.

MegaOTT has a large team working with servers each day, Welcome you to open your ticket and order your favorite series movies, LiveTV. and be sure your order will be don asap ( if possible ).

Sami, ***

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Why Choose MegaOTT

Very Fast

Very Fast

The server is very fast & will let you enjoy.

 Happy Client

Happy Client

100 customers satisfaction

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Free friendly support